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When Kitty is happy and healthy, everything is perfect. She jumps around, eats everything in sight, and has the energy to keep slobbering puppies in their place. But when she's sick, all she can do is lie in her bed. Looks like it's time for this sick kitty to the vet.

When Kitty's family finally manages to get their clawing, angry pet into the doctor's office, it's a wild adventure for Kitty, who has to get the most dreaded thing of all...a shot. Once the shot is administered, Kitty is cast into an ingenious dream within a dream sequence in which she has to make right by Puppy or risk being shut out of PussyCat heaven forever.

This ninth installment of the popular Bad Kitty series from Nick Bruel is chock-full of brilliant supporting characters and, of course, the crankiest bad kitty you've ever seen.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Published on January 5, 2016 by Roaring Brook Press
ISBN-10: 1596439777
ISBN-13: 9781596439771
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  • sweetgirl2003over 5 years
    sounds like a good book i guess i can go to the store n buy it.
    • micchael c..over 5 years
      • Bad Kitomover 5 years
        Awsome I'm a cat lover
        • Elizabethover 6 years
          Cool book its awesome like the book😋
          • Penny Sanchezover 6 years
            Supes adorbs
            • adrianaover 6 years
              • alex .fover 6 years
                kitty should have friends ;if he wasn't acting like himself
                • felicisowl
                  felicisowlover 6 yearsFeatured
                  Meet Kitty, an infamous feline who strikes fear into hearts of dogs and humans alike - but one day, she's acting nothing like herself. She's not eating, which clearly means something is very wrong - so, her owner decides to take her to the vet. But that proves to be a harder task than you would imagine it to be, for Kitty fights tooth and nail, even resisting bribery in the form of snacks and - five hundred dollars? Geez. But the owner manages to get Kitty to the vet (it's a long story), and Kitty sees the vet as a horrifying, frightening monster - and maybe Kitty's suspicions were right, because soon after the vet gives her a shot and knocks her unconscious (even though it's probably for the best, Kitty) Kitty is transported to his/her Judgment Day, where the gatekeeper of Pussycat Paradise tells Kitty that Kitty has not been an honorable pussycat, because Kitty has spent Kitty's days tormenting Puppy - so he may be forced to send Kitty to Puppydog Paradise, if Kitty can do something unconditionally kind for Puppy within twenty-four hours.. But when Kitty wakes up, and finds out that he/she's been asleep for almost twenty-four hours, it's a race against time to do something nice for Puppy - but everything Kitty does seems to backfire. What will Kitty do? Will Kitty be.. kind... to Puppy on her own? Will Kitty escape the looming threat of Puppydog Paradise and by accepted to Pussycat Paradise? First of all, this book was hilarious - and unexpectedly, very informative. Though I do believe it was meant for readers younger than I, I still enjoyed it - and I think it will be a huge success among younger readers.. I like "Uncle Murray's Fun Facts", popping up every now and then - it was chock-full of information and it was perfect for cat-lovers! The plot was all over the place, but that just made the book more fun - I sat there, eagerly anticipating what would come next, when something totally new was added to the plot! I would highly recommend this to all cat-lovers and younger readers, it's sure to add a bundle of new information and fun to your bookshelf - because (at least to me) this book provided a few good laughs, and I hope it'll do the same to you!
                  • bibliophile
                    bibliophilealmost 7 yearsFeatured
                    So I am a newbie here.. this is my first time reading this book from this series... I did hear about it when I was in kindergarten.. but I never really explored those types of books... i was more of a Junie B. Jones type XD... Anyways I'm actually quite bummed that I missed these book series when I was in kindergarten... but it still counts that I read it now... Anyways I don't know why the series is called Bad Kitty... because obviously Kitty has a huge heart... but let me get straight to the point... No pets like going to the vet.. and for me personally I can relate to Kitty because I absolutely hate going to the hospital (I DESPISE SHOTS... If you get one near me I will karate chop your hand and run as fast as I can)... But once Kitty's owner realized that Kitty was acting strange (symptoms: not eating and laying down) the owner decided to take Kitty to the vet... And before I finish.. I wanted to point out that I love the fine little details, drawings, and cartoons because it makes the story more enjoyable. I really like how the author had really creative ideas like a warning sign for Kitty, new articles concerning about Kitty, steps for taking Kitty to the vet... and the list goes on! So after many failed attempts to take Kitty to the vet... the owner doesn't give up... yet... and gets Kitty to go in to the vet... So once Kitty is taken to the vet... Kitty realizes that the vet is actually quite kind... and also gave Kitty a shot... So now Kitty is in "La-la-land" (Pussycat Paradise) where the gatekeeper warns Kitty that if Kitty isn't nice to Puppy, then Kitty will stay in Puppydog Paradise, and Kitty only has 24 hours... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN... So now Kitty is trying to be nice to Puppy... but whatever Kitty does something, it ends up going wrong! So what's going on??? Will Kitty show unconditional love to Puppy?? Will Kitty survive the vet appointment??? Well it's up to you to read and find out! I absolutely lived the comics because it made everything in a lighter and happy mood... Also I love how creative Kitty and Puppy's names are... I mean it's a genius idea!! SO if you want some irony, dry humor, just something to laugh at... then this book is for you... Read it!!!
                    • snicker9
                      snicker9almost 7 yearsFeatured
                      Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet is a hilarious comic book about when Kitty gets sick. Kitty doesn't want to eat or chase Puppy even. So, he is forced (through a lot of scenes and injuries) to go to the vet. The vet finds the problem, but must be put under a sedative. He then goes to the gates and "dies". But he can't get into Kitty Heaven because of all the mean things he did to Puppy. The guardian decides to give him one last chance-he has 24 hours to do something unconditionally kind for Puppy. Will he make the deadline? Or will he be forced to be chased by dogs in Puppy Paradise for eternity. This book is meant for younger kids. I would say anywhere between ages 5-8. It would be perfect for a beginning reader, who is looking for easy reads. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.