A Twist and Turn in Penguin Time (Penguin Adventures Book 1)

An old carnival prize turns out to be much more than what Midnight, Ponywell, and Starfire bargained for!

The three penguins suddenly find that the mystical art of time travel is now open to them for adventures. Lucky for them, they've got the perfect opportunity to test out their newly discovered time machine.

Unfortunately, Ponywell and Starfire aren't that great at controlling the machine. From the past to present to future and back again, the penguins are all over the place!

Will they ever get back home?

Find out in "A Twist and Turn in Penguin Time"!
Kindle Edition, 39 pages
Published on January 30, 2012 by Internet Niche Publishers
45 Book Reviews
  • lila
    lilaalmost 8 years
    I think another one might be coming out soon.....
    • lila
      lilaover 8 years
      this is a very cute book! it seems like a real book when you see it on the kindle...
      • asiyajelly
        asiyajellyover 7 years55 stars
        i agree Lila there must be.... its cute and it is a good kindle book.
      • Ponywell is gooover 8 years
        ikyra_marie, i think you should read this good book.
        • ikyra_marie
          ikyra_marieover 8 years
          Coool.i have never heard about this book before.
          • ypenguin875over 8 years
            I like Starfire the best, but Ponywell was better. Midnight was generous but Ponywell was the nicest.
            • Butterover 8 years
              I especially like the parts in the cannon. That made me want butter.
              • Penguinfanover 8 years
                I like how colorful the illustrations were.
                • Penguinfanover 8 years
                  More kindle books about penguins please :D
                  • Blue neon over 8 years
                    I like this book. I'm looking forward to another one of these.
                    • Readerbookloverover 8 years
                      Nice book.